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DIVORCE SOLUTIONS sm does not offer family mediation or marriage counseling. Our services are geared strictly to those couples who have decided that their marriage, for whatever reason, cannot continue and that they are ready to seek a divorce. Utilizing the most modern techniques of divorce mediation and supported by the professional experience of our specially trained support professionals, DIVORCE SOLUTIONS sm offers a sensitive, rational, and economical alternative to adversarial, divorce litigation. Our specially trained mediators hold advanced degrees in their fields of specialty, many of whom have themselves, personally experienced the despair, humiliation, frustration, and extreme financial strain of a divorce or separation.

DIVORCE SOLUTIONS sm offers a comprehensive and holistic alternative to a prolonged, “no-win” battle in court, in which each of the adversarial attorneys jousts and parries in the courthouse corridors for the “best” (i.e., financially most rewarding) outcome for his client. In contrast, the emotional lives of their clients and that of their clients’ children are generally ignored and, in most cases, become permanently scarred by the devastating experience.

DIVORCE SOLUTIONS sm provides a forum for the divorcing couple to resolve the myriad of problems and difficulties resulting from the parting of the two individuals. Under the guidance of a trained professional mediator, the couple is “walked through” the entire process, in an organized and deliberate fashion, with particular attention given to the emotional, financial, social, religious, and personal concerns of the parties and their children.

As a therapist, clergyman, or other professional counselor, you undoubtedly are faced with the problem of trying to counsel a feuding couple back together again. If that fails, sending them to seek legal advice in the adversarial system, a process you understand very well is not in either party’s best interest or the interest of their children.

DIVORCE SOLUTIONS sm is an alternative I would like you to consider for those who seek your counsel and advice regarding divorce. I welcome your inquiries and am eager to discuss with you any questions you may have. Please take a moment and look at some of the other features of our web site for more information regarding who we are and what we do.

Franchises in other jurisdictions in New York State outside the New York City metropolitan area are available for qualified counselors and attorneys. For further details, please call Leonard M. Weiner, Esq. at 212-370-1660