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What Does Mediation Entail?

What Does Mediation Entail?

  • The couple attends sessions together.
  • Each session is an hour.
  • The mediation process can take from two to six sessions.
  • The number of sessions varies from couple to couple and depends on the number of issues and their level of complexity.

Who Should Attend?

  • Couples who have decided to divorce.
  • Couples who are divorced but need to renegotiate issues.
  • Married couples or couples who have lived together and have children together, but have relationship or other issues to resolve.
  • Family members who are in conflict. For example, a parent and a child in a traditional family or a step-family context. 

Why Mediate?

  • It is common knowledge that litigation is generally expensive because of the time and procedures involved, whereas mediation is quick and efficient without cumbersome procedural requirements.
  • It is a confidential process and, therefore, will not attract the attention of media and third parties, who might derail the process.

Is It Confidential?

The mediator is bound by professional ethics to provide an impartial, confidential service. Mediators treat all discussions as strictly confidential. If this becomes a problem, the mediator will discuss the necessary action to take with the couple. Neither party may use information discussed or disclosed in mediation during court proceedings unless expressly permitted in the Separation Agreement.