Divorce Solutions

Mediation and The Mediator

Divorce mediators are trained professionals skilled in helping spouses to set aside emotions and make rational decisions that will help to bring the marriage to a close in a way that is fair and equitable. The mediator is bound by professional ethics to provide an impartial, confidential service. Unlike a judge, a mediator can’t make decisions for you. 

The mediation process is confidential and enables both spouses to have more direct control over the terms and conditions of their divorce agreement. In terms of time saved, a mediated divorce can take just three months to resolve, whereas an unmediated or litigated divorce can take one to two years, or more, to finalize.

Issues addressed in Mediation

Separation Agreement
Child Support
Child Custody
Spousal Support
Spousal Maintenance

Marital Property
Divorce Mediation
Divorce Lawyer
Divorce Attorney
Matrimonial Lawyer
Matrimonial Attorney
Divorce Mediator
Equitable Distribution
Community Property
Grounds For Divorce
Contested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce
Litigated Divorce
Adversarial Divorce
Residential Parent
Child’s Best Interest
Separate Property
Net Worth Statement
Marital Residence
Marital Assets
Parental Custody