Divorce Solutions

Who We Are


LEONARD WEINER, Ph. D is the founder of Divorce Solutions.com and is an experienced Attorney-Mediator accredited by The Center for Family and Divorce Mediation of New York. He has over 30 years of experience in the practice of law and became a Divorce- Mediator, and Arbitrator in 1994 as a result of his having experienced firsthand the humiliation, hurt, anger, and fear exacerbated by the adversarial, divorce process.

DIVORCE SOLUTIONS was created to provide an alternative to the emotionally devastating litigious divorce proceedings. Dr. Weiner conducts the mediation in conjunction with a support team of experienced professionals with advanced degrees in the field law, psychotherapy, and social work who have received special training in divorce mediation, many of whom themselves have gone through the ordeal of divorce or separation.

He has represented numerous clients over the years in matters of Family Law, Divorce Mediation, Parenting Plans, Pre- Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements, Parental Responsibilities and Rights, Custody (support, care, and contact) of children, same-sex marriage matters, father’s rights, Wills, and Religious Divorces

We service the New York City Metropolitan area, including Westchester, Rockland, and Nassau counties.

Why Hire Us

Typically, a litigated divorce consists of the adversarial attorneys jousting and parrying in the court house corridors for the “best” (i.e. financially most rewarding) outcome for his/her client, while the emotional trauma inflicted on the clients and on the clients’ children are generally exacerbated or at best ignored. At DIVORCE SOLUTIONS sm we offer a comprehensive and holistic alternative to this prolonged, “no-win” battle in court. We provide a forum for the divorcing couple to reach a resolution of the myriad of problems and difficulties resulting from the parting of the two individuals. Under the guidance of the trained professional mediator, the couple is “walked through” the entire process, in an organized and deliberate fashion. Special attention is given to the emotional, financial, social, religious and personal concerns of the parties and especially the children. With DIVORCE SOLUTIONS sm you will be able to:

  • Protect your privacy and confidentiality
  • Retain your hard earned assets
  • Remain in control of your life
  • Decide the best parenting arrangements for your children
  • Reduce the trauma to your family
  • Avoid acrimonious or prolonged litigation
  • Avoid expensive hearings before judges, court appearances or adversarial lawyers

If you and your spouse are ready to seek a divorce, you owe it to yourselves and your family to call DIVORCE SOLUTIONS sm.