Divorce Solutions

Disadvantages of Divorce Litigation

  • Adversarial, Confrontational & Combative
  • Attorneys/Judge Control process
  • Public (cold, intimidating courtroom)
  • Unfamiliar, Intimidating Courtroom
  • Spend hours in the courtroom corridor waiting for your ten minutes before the judge
  • Attorneys Control Length of Time (Year + 2)
  • Expense: Attorneys Control
  • Biased, Partisan, One-Sided
  • Fight to the finish
  • Combative, Confrontational
  • Attorney Dictates
  • Children may be used as Pawns
  • Stressful
  • Work against Each Other
  • Get the Most You Can Now
  • All-or-Nothing Mentality
  • Often Results in Hurt Feelings and Irreparably Damaged Relationships with Spouse and Children

Divorce proceedings are emotionally draining, inevitably involve protracted litigation on minor matters unrelated to the final resolution of the main issues, costing thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees and bitter resentment of the parties.

The main issues to resolve, include:

  • Spousal and Child Maintenance and Support payments;
  • Child custody and frequency of contact with the children;
  • The division of marital assets and sharing of debt.