I live in Chicago, IL. My ex-partner (the mother of my daughter) filed for child support. I have no issue with this at all. I know that the money that I provide will be for my daughter. I have not been in front of a judge at all right now. I do have court this month coming up in April. No amount has been issued officially to give as child support yet. We do alternate weeks with our daughter. She stays for one week with her and one week with me. I provide her with diapers, wipes, and small stuff that she might need our daughter. She recently told me that she is going to move to Indiana. Is she allowed to do that? Does she have to go through a judge’s order to move? The issue here will be me not being able to see my daughter and also not knowing where she is going to stay since I already know that she is not going to provide me with an address of where she will be living. What can I do to prevent this?

Question #3

I am on social services and want to divorce my estranged wife and was refused legal aid. What else can I do?

Question #5

1.What is the negative effect on the emotional divorce of children if their parents divorce? 2. What are the long term effects of the divorce on the children? 3. How are children from divorced cases different from other families? Thank you.

Question #7

I am currently in a bitter divorce proceeding in Texas. My husband of 8 years, does not want to get a divorce. I am active duty. My husband assaulted me after telling me that he would never grant me a divorce. I had a co-worker take pictures. After he took the photos, he shot it up to my chain of command. When my husband got called in (he is civilian), he filed adultery charges through the military against a mutual male friend and me. In the meantime, my husband put a tap on my phone without my knowledge. My question is, can the conversations on an illegal interception on wire communications allowed in the divorce proceedings? He also informed me that he had taped conversations, and I feel he is blackmailing me. What can I do? My attorney is currently out of town. Thanks.

Question #8

Pertaining to separation and divorce, are there any laws in the State of New Jersey that prohibit boyfriend or girlfriend from staying overnight when children are present? Do you have access to a listing of Mediators in the State of New Jersey?

Question #9

I am in the process of separation right now with my husband of three years. We live in NC and have a two-year-old son. I don’t want this to be any harder than it has to. Can the one year separation period be waived? If it can, what is your personal opinion on the effects on the child due to a separation period and no separation period?

Question #10

What recourse do I have if after my spouse and I arrive at a settlement, he reneges?