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Question #233

I recently got married at the NYC city hall two weeks ago. We were a happy couple until we started talking about finances together. He refused to support me financially and called my parents to help me until I complete my education. In this process, my husband’s hatred towards me became overboard and became verbally abusive and threatening. We are not currently living together, but I could not stop thinking about the chances of physical abuse if I were to be around him. I am scared to stay in this marriage. He also wanted to end this marriage. Should we go for annulment or divorce? Thank you.

You do not appear to have sufficient grounds to seek an annulment or even a divorce in NYS.

You must wait a minimum of 6 months and then can file for a “ No-Fault” divorce.

If there is any possibility of physical abuse, you should not put yourself in danger.

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Leonard Weiner, Esq./ Divorce Solutions