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Question #228

I live in Long Island and have been married for 20 years. My marriage hasn’t been easy through the whole marriage. I have two children who live with us, one is underage, and the other one is 19. I have questions on how to start this process. I can say that I’m nervous about it because I might be left with nothing. He has kicked me out of the house every time we argue, but many of my friends tell me he can’t do that. He makes good money, the house is under his name, and he pays the mortgage. He has mentioned that the house is under the kids, including my stepson. I am on Social Security Disability for about five months. Can he throw me out of the house? Will my younger child receive any money? He said I would not see a penny, meaning any alimony. I just want to leave this house and find an apartment for my kids and me, but I don’t have the money for it. If he sells the house, will I get anything? I have no money saved because he has told me I have to pay the gas, light, car insurance, and the phone bill, which hardly leaves me with anything. What are my rights? How can I start in finding out about starting a divorce process? I am afraid because he has told me I would not receive a penny from him. Please tell me what I can do?

Let me start from the beginning. First, your husband has no right to kick you out of the house. Ifit happens again, call the police. If he becomes violent, you can ask for an order of protection, and he will be forced to leave the house, not you. Under no circumstances should you suffer or allow yourself to be physically abused. If he has been supporting the family, the court will force him to provide you with child support and spousal support for you to pay your bills. Do not listen to what he’s telling you regarding his not paying any alimony. If the house is marital property, which means it was purchased in the course of the marriage with funds earned during the marriage, and not a gift or inheritance, the purchase would be marital property. You should have approximately a 50% share in such property, regardless of whose name the property is held.

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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq. /Divorce Solutions