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Question #2

My brother and his wife have been married for 10 yrs and reside in NY. Through marriage, he became a US citizen. But now she is acting up. She has found somebody else. My brother put her thru school. But she doesn’t work in that profession. She spends a lot of money. One time he took up two jobs to meet the ends. They don’t have any sexual relations for years. She is verbally & physically abusive. She stays in the house like a motel. She comes and goes; however, she wants. They do own a home together. Now my brother has told her that he doesn’t want to live with her. But she doesn’t want to move out. How can he file for divorce? If she refuses to sign for divorce, how can he get a divorce? Is there an option for it? How do they settle on the house? Though they have signed together, she hasn’t paid a single penny in that house. Would she be liable to pay the mortgage? If he needs to sell the house, how can he settle on it? How can he prove her adultery? Can we hire a private investigator for that? Would that be legal in the sight of the law. How does this divorce work in the State of NY? 

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