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Question #85

Great web site.Sure to get lots of prayers from the sufferers of once holly/now hell marriages. Here is my question: My wife and I are foreign nationals, OR residents. While she was abroad for more than a year she has filed for divorce in our original home country.The case is under progress.Now she is back in OR and has gotten “a petition for seperation” issued as well as a “Groundless, restraining order” put in place. She got the petition served to me by tricking me into seeing our little kid scam. Can she file for this or do anything else legally while her original filing for divorce is in place and followed up by her local attorney abroad? She did do it right after she got back into the States after an absence of more than a year. Of course all she is trying to do is to hurt me in anyway she can.THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE AND GOD BLESS FOR THIS SITE.

If the state of Oregon recognizes the foreign court as having a legitimate right to jurisdiction over the proceedings, then OR should defer the matter to the foreign court since it was filed there prior to the case in OR. You must consult with an experienced matrimonial attorney in your area to determine whether in fact OR will defer jurisdiction under the circumstances.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions