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Question #67

ANNULMENT I got married on June 30, 2006, in NYC I recently left his mother’s apartment where we were living at due to a lack of communication after three months of being married, I tried to fix things between us, but it seems like he doesn’t want to work things out. Last time I spoke to him he mentioned annulment since we’ve been married for that short period of time he said he was able to do it without me being there without me even knowing, is this true? You don’t need to be at least notified that your marriage has been annulled? Is there any way I can fight his decision? How do I find out if my marriage has been annulled? Thanks in advance for your help.

He is just trying to scare you. He cannot annul the marriage or divorce you without your being served with a Summons and Complaint. If he tries to do it without notifying you, you can have it reversed.

He can sue you for an annulment, but it is up to a judge to grant him his request, and the judge will want to hear your side of the story before he makes a decision.

If you are living in the NYC metro area, please call me to discuss mediating your annulment.

Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions