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ANNULMENT OR DIVORCE Hi, I am a British citizen and married a New York resident and US citizen in July. The marriage took place in New York, and he was supposed to move to England with me so I can attend school. We both agree it was a mistake. Can I get the marriage annulled in New York or get divorced? I’m not that religious, and we don’t have assets or children. Would one be better than the other? Can I get the marriage annulled in England, or do I have to come back to America? Is there a big difference between the two in this situation? Which one costs more? Thanks so much for the website. It’s so interesting and informative.

The place to file for divorce depends on where you or your spouse resides and for how long.

If your spouse resides in NY for over one year, you can file in NY.
To get an annulment, you will need to satisfy the grounds for annulment, such as fraud in the inducement to marry, etc.

Divorce is possible, and there is no real practical difference between the two in your case.

If your spouse is cooperative and also agrees to the divorce, you would not have to come back to NY.

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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions