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Question #32

I married my wife after a short courtship. She moved in with me after knowing each other for just a few weeks. We lived together for two months and then got married because she was pregnant. Now that we have been married for three months, I have realized that I cannot live with this woman. She is five months pregnant. She is not from this country and wants to return to her home country. Can I get an annulment?

From the information that you provided, it does not seem to you have grounds for an annulment. You can, however, file for divorce, which is the same thing, since both annulment and divorce are recorded in the county recorder’s office. You should do this as soon as possible if you believe that there is no future for this marriage. Since your spouse is going to have your child, however, before you decide on divorce, perhaps you should try family counseling to see if you can reconstruct your marriage for the sake of the child if not for your own benefits. Marriage requires a commitment by both individuals and to the marriage unit, and six months is not much time.

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