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Question #220

I married my husband in the summer of 2009. We separated after five months of being married. We never legally separated, but it has been almost three years now and no divorce. I filed for divorce last June with a lawyer I thought to be legit, I paid him $1000 and signed some papers. My husband NEVER got the papers the so-called lawyer told me he was going to sent him, and I NEVER got an index number (which I learned recently I needed to obtain one)… I thought the divorce would have been done by now. I called the “Lawyer” and the number has been disconnected. I wrote an email, and I would get a postmaster in return saying that Email doesn’t exist, and finally, I went to his “office,” and it was one of those rental offices in fancy Park Ave and 5th NO ONE has seen him or heard from him in MONTHS. I called the County Clerk in the Bronx, and no one can give me any information. Thinking that the divorce was in process, I have moved to Puerto Rico in October; My husband is in New York City. I had to make a new life out here, but with this marriage is tying me down. Can I still try to get a divorce while living in Puerto Rico even though I was married in NYC?

As long as one of you is still living in NY, you can file in NY.

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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions