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Question #20

Currently, I am involved in an upcoming divorce proceeding where the wife may claim adultery. I have reviewed your other messages and see that some sort of proof is required. What is/could be considered evidence? I live in the state of Georgia. She has also contacted the husband of the person that I supposedly had this affair with, and I am trying to control the damage to many innocent people. I have scheduled a meeting with counsel, but this is getting out-of-hand rapidly, and any basic information would be appreciated. Thank You

I am not familiar with the evidentiary requirements under Georgian matrimonial law and whether grounds are necessary to receive a divorce in Georgia. In New York, grounds are required and the statute delineates six specific grounds for divorce. Adultery is one of the grounds.
Generally, the courts listen to the testimony of the opposing sides and determine the truthfulness of the testimony being given; they do not require eyewitness testimony in adultery cases.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions