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Question #198

My wife and moved to Florida from NY State, and shortly after being here, I found that my wife was having an affair with her boss. He owns the real estate office, and she works for him. Now before moving to Florida, we listed the house thru him. Well, I’m not on the deed which is not a problem, but the problem comes in is that once he found a buyer, he convinced her to quick deed the property to him so he can sell it four weeks later for alot more money so that when we go to divorce court, it shows that she made no money on the house. Now my question here also as a licensed broker and having an affair with my wife using his business to help her dispose of a marital asset could he lose his license for that. All allegations can be proven. She quick- deeded the property to him for 252,000, and he sold it five weeks later for 289,900. He is holding on to the monies till our divorce is final. Do I have a criminal case here? Please help me.

You need a litigation attorney in the state where the property was sold-not a matrimonial attorney.

Good luck!

Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions