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Question #196

I’m an American and Italian Citizen….was born in Philadelphia Penn. and raised in Long Beach, New York. I met my husband in Long Beach, NY, in 1990, and we got married in city hall in Long Beach, New York, on September 21, 1992…he abandoned my then two-year-old son and me in December of 1995, to go back to his country in Peru. I decided to come to Italy, where my parents lived and live here with my child. I’ve been living here in Italy since my husband left my son and me in December 95. My son is now is 18 years old, and my husband is living in Milan, Italy, with his girlfriend. I wish to get a divorce here, but they say it’s going to take three long years. Can I go to the States and go to City Hall in Long Beach to file for a divorce so I could have my divorce in a short time? Please help me and advise me on what to do. If I need to go to Long Beach New York to file for a divorce and I know it will be sooner here than in Italy will do so. I am waiting for your reply. 

For NYS to have jurisdiction, you or your spouse must be a present resident of NYS for a minimum of 1 year.

If you can establish residency in NYS, you can file here. Otherwise, you must file in Italy or Peru.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions