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Question #151

I married my husband in June 18, 1999 in the country of Panama. I’m a US citizen. As I was filling for the papers for him to come to California to live with me and his son, he has an affair in Panama and gets a girl pregnant. I went back to panama to try to get a divorce, but I gave him another chance. Now looking back I wish that I could turn back time, and never gave him that chance. It took me a while to forgive him, but I did and I continued on with the papers, now my husband is a resident of California. I brought him to California to live with me 2004. Now I would like to get a dirvorce because he is not doing anything that will help us to better our future. We have a son that’s 7 years old and he’s not even paying child support. How can I get a divorce in California? The only record that shows we are married is Immigration, not the court, so can I go to the local court and get a divorce even thought I got married in Panama? I still have the marriage cirtificate, but its in spanish.

Yes you can file for divorce in CA even if you were married in another state or country, such as Pananma.

Keep the Panamanian marriage certificate as proof if you will be asked to provide evidence of the marriage.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions