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Question #15

My ex and I have in our divorce agreement that if either of us moves more than 30 miles away from a mutual location, the visitation rights will be revisited. We have been alternating the pick-up and drop off evenly for four years. Recently I moved 23 miles from the mutual location, and she lives 26.5 miles from that shard point. Now she is demanding that I do both the pick-up and the drop off as well. In New York, is there any law that dictates which parent has to do pick-up and drop off? Or is the responsibility shared equally?

No law in NY governs pick up or drop off. If you are both within the 30
Mile radius, you should keep the same arrangement as you have had. Only if either
The party moves out of the 30-mile radius will you be required to renegotiate the arrangement.

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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions