Question #98: I’m asking this for my friend. She is a legal citizen for 2 years. She is from Columbia married 20yrs to a man from Ecuador. 3 yrs ago he went back to Columbia when his mother died because he was left a lot of land. According to his mother’s will he has to stay in Ecuador. My friend feels abandoned and has asked for a divorce several times but he refuses. I tell her because he had left her for 3 yrs she doesn’t need his permission. She has no money and is struggling since he left. Can she obtain a divorce without his consent and is she untitled to any money from him?

If she is a resident of NY for 2 years or more she can sue for divorce without his consent based
Upon the no fault provision of the NY domestic relations law.
She will have to serve him w/ a summons and complaint.
If she is located in the NYC metro area, she should contct me to arrange for a meeting to
Discuss the matter in greater length.

Leonard Weiner, Esq
Divorce Solutions