Question #96: Hello, and thank you for this opportunity. My wife and I are New York residents, we were married 3 months ago during our courtship we rarely were intimate due to religious convictions, I asked my fiance at that time on a number of occasions, in a number of ways if she had an issue with being intimate, she assured me that she only had reservations because we were not yet married, and that once we were married that she would be willing to be intimate. Well as I have stated we have been married 3 months and I have determined that this was untrue, because she refuses to be intimate. I have also discovered that she as well as her family have a documented history of mental illness, (paranoid schizophrenia) she refuses to accept the fact that she has mental issues even-though they have been documented, and she has been admitted to emergency psychiatric care on two separate occasions, she refuses to take the medication she was prescribed, and I wonder if this situation is grounds for annulment in New York state?

If the information you provided is accurate and there are people who can testify that
Your wife does in fact have mental problems that can be documented, I believe you would have grounds for an annulment in NY.
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Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions