Question #95: I am a UK citizen who went to NYC to marry my partner of 3 years in New York in March of this year. We married on March 20th, I was aware that because of his beliefs he didn’t hold the legal entity of marriage in high esteem but he said he loved me and wanted us to be together permanently in New York. We argued on the night of the wedding because of another woman he knows and didn’t consummate the marriage. Several days later he asked me to leave the apartment I shared with him and stated that the marriage was over. I flew back to London. I asked him to agree on the terms of the annulment (if non consummation is a ground) and he refuses stating that he has no money to file and this will cost him in various ways (I don’t understand how as I don’t have extensive knowledge of your legal system). He has stated that the relationship is over and has continued to be verbally abusive throughout the course of the last few weeks. I have no legal recourse to his assets and even if I did I wouldn’t want anything from him. I know I can’t file as I’m not a resident but my fear is that he will file on the grounds of fraud by saying that I forced him into the marriage when I didn’t. I have a collection of text messages and I may even have some where I clearly ask him if he really wants to do this with me as I only intended to marry once in my life. Much of what we discussed was verbal. I don’t want a claim such as that to affect me in the future if I have to come to the USA for work or any other reason. I really don’t know what to do. Is there anyway I could file?

If either party is a resident of New York State for more than one year and the marriage took place in NYS, either party can sue for divorce. You do not have to be a citizen of the US to file for divorce.
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Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce solutions