Question #227: I married a Brazilian man in NYC (town hall) on July 10, 1994. We resided in Manhattan until May 1995, whereupon we moved to Brazil with our newborn son. My ex is a prosecutor in Brazil, and our marriage was legally recognized there, and I became a legal resident. I obtained work as a translator. In 2003 my husband and I divorced amicably and I remained in the country until 2009. I returned to NYC in July 2009 where I lived until June 2010, when I moved to NJ where I currently live with my son and new fiancée. My question is: I plan on remarrying this year. I understand that there is an agreement between Brazil and the US wherein one country recognizes the marriages and divorces conducted in the other and it’s simply a matter of filing the requisite paperwork. Is this true? Do you handle this type of situation? What is your fee schedule for this type of situation? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Since you have been living in NJ for over 2 years, you should file your divorce in NJ, not NY.

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