Question #22: Thank you very much, I’ll give you a call. How much would you charge for preparing documents for an uncontested divorce? We already agreed upon all the issues: – our son custody – child support – spousal support – no QDRO is needed ( house is left to wife PV of 401K is included in divided assets – 50/50 split) .

There is a saying that “the devil is in the details”. Even though you have discussed the points mentioned above, and believe you have arrived at an honest agreement, when these points are set to paper and are discussed in fine detail, the parties discover that they are in fact not in agreement and more discussion and negotiation is required.The cost of preparing the divorce documents, which must include a Separation Agreement as well as the other documents, are a function of time, complexity of issues, and time it takes the parties to review, make changes, and then revise.
If in fact you have actually resolved all the fine details, the cost should be relatively low.
Please call me to arrange for an appointment to meet and discuss the matter in greater detail.
Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions