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Question #89

My parents have been married for 32 years. They are miserable and should have been divorced 30 years ago. They stayed together for my brother and I. My father was emotionally unavailable and verbally abusive our whole lives. My mother wants to leave him but is fearful of how she will win a divorce case with him. She inherited money from her father that is left in her name only. She could survive on this alone but is fearful he will take it in the divorce. How would this work, and how can she be protected. She is 60 years old and scared. Any advice would help us. Thanks.

Any asset, including money received by inheritance and kept separate in the recipient’s name, is separate property and not marital property and is not subject to equitable distribution upon divorce.

If your parents live in the NYC metro area, please have them call me at 212-370-1660 to discuss mediating their divorce.

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