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Question #88

My wife and I were married about four months ago. Our relationship has deteriorated drastically. She has threatened my life and threatened to “destroy me.” I have no hard evidence of either of those. Though the police did arrive to help me leave the house once. I have made it clear that I want out of the relationship, but she refuses to leave. Only my name is on the rental lease. Some of the bills are in her name. I cannot afford to continue paying my current rent and get another place for myself. What are my options? If I file for a divorce, who has to move? I am in New York City. What support will I be liable for considering the short time we have been married?

There are no hard and fast answers to your questions. All will depend on the judgment of the judge unless you both decide to mediate your divorce in which case you both can agree on how to divide what you have together and what would be an acceptable amount for support and rent until your spouse can get on her own feet and support herself.

Because the marriage is of such a short term and there are no children (I assume), the amount of support and rent payments will be relatively low and for a limited duration.

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