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Question #69

 If one’s spouse is disabled and dependent on the other, can the other get a divorce while WILLING and promise to continue to support the other? There has been no sexual relationship for years due to illness and also no emotional attachment between us. I have found my true love and don’t want to be chained to a loveless marriage for life. At the same time, I know he depends on me. For this reason, all I want is consent to divorce, and I’ll give whatever I can. We have no children. Is a divorce possible in this situation? What’s the best ground? Thank you.

No one should be forced to stay in a loveless marriage against one’s will. However, you should seriously consider the number of years that you are married, how much of that time has been spent together as a loving couple, and what you would have wanted had the roles been reversed. If you still believe that divorce is the answer, you can get a divorce, depending on which state you are located in and what, if any, grounds are needed for such divorce. If you’re located in the New York City metropolitan area, please call made to discuss the matter further.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./DivorceSolutions