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Question #65

I live in New York state and have been married for five years. The other day my husband just left without telling me and now won’t answer my calls. He was the one with a job I was a stay at home mom of two kids and now have no money to pay the rent. This has to be illegal right can he just leave us with no money or a place to live? I don’t want a divorce or a separation, do I have to consent to a separation agreement? I tried to find NY state divorce and separation laws online, but can’t find the answers? Isn’t abandonment illegal? What can I do? I don’t know where my husband is or why he is doing this or my rights?

He cannot just abandon you and the children. You should contact a matrimonial attorney in your
County to petition the court to force him to provide spousal and child support.
If you cannot afford an attorney, go to family court and seek assistance from the matrimonial part.
You do not have to consent to a separation or divorce. Do not sign any agreements without your own separate legal counsel.

Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions