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Question #60

After 20 yrs of marriage and two children (ages 12 & 7), my husband wants a divorce. I have not worked outside the home since my 12 yr old was born. I know NYS allows 25% of my husband’s income for child support, but I would like to know if I can collect money in addition to that. Is it reasonable to expect my husband to pay the mortgage while my children and I live in the house, and if so, is this usually only done until the children are 18? I also would like to receive part of his profit-sharing account, stock options account, and retirement account, and can I receive part of the future value that will go into these accounts? Can I obtain full ownership of the house and give up my right to the retirement plan? I have no college degree and worked while he completed college and went on to get his Master’s Degree. Thank you.

You should receive a portion of your husband’s retirement account, which was earned during the marriage and some spousal support, as well as child support if you will be the residential parent. The other issues regarding the house, the mortgage, and trading one interest for another will depend on either your working out a settlement with your husband or getting the judge to order such an arrangement. I strongly suggest you consider divorce mediation to resolve the outstanding issues and to make sure the agreement is legal and binding.

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Leonard Weiner, Esq. / Divorce Solutions