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Question #57

My wife and i separated a year ago, have 4 children ranging in age from 9 to 17, and have both names on the deed to our home valued at $500,000.i earn approximately $230,00/year, and my wife works part time earning $15,000/year as a teaching assistant. She gave up her career to take care of the children 18 years ago. My questions are:
i. how will child support be determined,
ii. Will her salary enter into it?
iii. Am I obligated to provide spousal support, if so indefinitely or until she can become financially independent.
iv. most importantly, the disposition of the house
v. is the maintenance and support of the house separate from child or spousal support
vi. Can I force her to sell it, or am i obligated to maintain her in the home as custodial parent until my children reach legal age?

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