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Question #56

My husband just served me with a UD-4 form or summons for divorce. He had someone else deliver it. We are getting divorced by mutual agreement. Child support, custody, visitation have been discussed. We were married for 22 years, but he abandoned me 15 years ago. Now, I want to know if I have to appear in court within the first 20 days of receiving this form? What does DRL Section 170 sub (d) mean? I want to keep his last name because all my papers are under his last name. What do I have to do to keep it? Will I be entitled to alimony money? In the summons, he claimed abandonment of the plaintiff by the defendant. What does this mean? How can it affect me? It was not discussed in the agreement.

You must respond in writing with a legal Answer to the Summons and Complaint within the time indicated. You do not actually have to appear before the court. DRL is New York’s Domestic Relations Law. From the balance of the Questions you ask, it is apparent that you need to consult with an experienced matrimonial attorney. You are about to enter into a legal agreement, which will have a significant impact on your financial well being for the rest of your life.

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