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Question #38

I was divorced in New York state in July, where I used to reside. I was to pay maintenance if my ex-husband kept some martial debt paid, and he had a time frame in which to do this. He never was in the timeframe that the stipulations of the divorce called for. I started paying the bills and never sent any maintenance. He has filed an order of enforcement in New York. We both live in Florida now, and he has been here since July 2008, and I moved here in May 2007. Can I have that moved to a Florida court now since we both reside in Florida and have been here longer than six months, which does establish residency? Should I go to a lawyer in Florida to have it moved to a court here? I am anxiously awaiting a reply since I have to be in court by March 17. Thanks for your assistance.

It sounds like you should have the matter changed to the court in Florida where you now both reside. Be sure to collect all the pertinent documents, court orders, etc. to present to the court in FL. You should most definitely consult an experienced matrimonial attorney in your jurisdiction for advice about how to best change venue and jurisdiction to FL.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions