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Question #301

We live in NJ. I have been with my boyfriend for three years now, and he has been separated, not legally separated, from his wife for about eight years living separate lives but stayed in the same home so they could both raise their three children who are now 9 in school, 15 in school, 19 not in school but works fulltime. He finally moved out a year ago but still has not gone to get things legally processed because he feels terrible for her. She keeps telling him she has no money for a lawyer and that she will get more money as alimony since they are married 20years if he divorces her. So, just keep living separately and keep paying her $600 a month for child support, and that I, the girlfriend, should understand and not force him to divorce her. She texts and calls him throughout every day and not about the children. It’s about personal info and wanting to know where he is and what he’s doing and how his day is as if they are still together. It drives me crazy, and our relationship is taking the heat for it because we always fight about her needing/wanting to stay so involved in his life. He only makes 46k a year, and I think he is paying way too much child support. And now he wanted me to co-sign on a bike loan because his “wife” destroyed his credit. I agreed as long as he signed a Contract Agreement with me, so I don’t get screwed should something happen to our relationship, or him, or me, and write it out that the bike can NOT be used as a dividable martial asset when he finally gets divorced. I was trying to protect myself and us, but he became furious with me. His “wife” claims she will not go after the bike in the divorce. But those are just words, and she already stole and cashed the tax check that they filed joint taxes in 2013 and lied that the check never came until he finally tricked her into confessing it to him last week. I don’t know what to do. I don’t think I was wrong to ask for the Contract Agreement, and I don’t know if that would ever hold up in the divorce or if she can still get 1/2 of it. Also, just asking if his child support is too much he is paying out because between that and rent and his bills he doesn’t even have enough to go grocery shopping for himself every month and it is falling on me to support him while he’s still supporting his “EX” wife. Any advice would greatly help me, PLEASE!!!!

Have him transfer the title to the “bike” to you. Or in the alternative, file a lien w/ the Motor Vehicle Dep’t on the bike. Do not rely on any “Contract Agreement.”

It sounds like you have to make him decide with whom he wishes to spend his life.
Good Luck!
Leonard Weiner, Esq.