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Question #29

I share joint custody, both physical and legal, with my ex for our six-year-old son. I currently live in NYC and would like to move to another state. Our court order dictates that we can move 20 miles from each other. The new home I have considered is 15 miles from my son’s dad. Nothing will change. My son will stay in the same school. I will drive him to and from school and will offer to help any pick-ups/ or drop-offs to my ex. Can I still move without fearing I am breaking the court order? The order only states the 20 miles distance and not indicating any location. Thank you

To appropriately respond to your question, I would have to carefully review the provision you are referring to regarding moving with the child.
From what you provided, it seems like you should be able to move because the restriction only dealt with distance, not moving out of state, but a more thorough review is necessary.

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Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions