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Question #29

My husband filed for an uncontested divorce; a judgment was granted in May 2003. My husband didn’t file the divorce papers with the Ulster County clerk. Therefore the papers were never certified. The clerk’s office does not have a record of the divorce, and I have not received any documents. Am I still considered legally married? Is there a time frame in which these forms must be returned and certified to be valid? Will I have to file for divorce again? Also, he remarried in an Islamic ceremony and is living with a woman as husband and wife, what do I do? Please help!

For the divorce to be final, the judgment must be filed with the county clerk. If you have copies of the divorce papers, you can file them yourself. As long as the papers are not filed, you are legally still married. Bring along a check and proof of identity.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions