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Question #27

After knowing each other for 3 weeks, my boyfriend and I got married at city hall in NYC on holiday last September. We are both German and live in Germany. So it turned out to be a mistake. I heard that if we get divorced in NYC, only one person has to show up, and it is rather uncomplicated. Is this true? How would a divorce work the easiest way for us? In Germany, it is a big deal. Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, it is also a “big deal” in New York City as well. For the New York Court to hear your divorce case, it must have jurisdiction, and New York generally requires a residency requirement of one year before it will entertain jurisdiction. Once you overcome the hurdle of jurisdiction, you may file a stipulated agreement between both of you agreeing to the divorce and the grounds upon which the divorce is based. If you both agree, neither of you will have to make an appearance; a qualified attorney may file all the executed papers on your behalf.

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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions