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Question #268

In December, I will be married for two years. I see this marriage coming to an end soon. During this short marriage, my parents bought a house that my husband and I live in. Both my parents’ names, along with my name, is on the deed/title/mortgage, not my husband’s. If we get divorced, is he entitled to any part of this house? Also, I am disabled, living on disability from before he and I got married. I was and am not working. Will I be entitled to alimony or any other funding from him to help me financially?

If the house were purchased with funds from your parents and not funds you or your spouse earned during the marriage, the house would be considered “Separate Property.” Not marital, and he would not have any equity interest in it. If you and or he made the mortgage payments, he might have a claim for reimbursement of half of any reduction in the principal amount owing On the mortgage, but no equity interest.

If there is a wide disparity between what you earn on disability and what he earns, and your lifestyle while married was on a higher standard than what you can afford alone, you maybe entitled to some support from your spouse. It will depend on the discretion of the court.

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