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Question #23

My ex and I have two children that we share joint custody. We both live in the same apartment complex, and I see my children daily. I am the parent who is primary in my children’s education ( keeping up on homework and involved 100%) My The kids have been in the school district for their entire education so far, and now my ex wants to move because she ” wants to move away from me”…My children are upset and do not want to move. What can I do? I have been a substantial role model in their lives since birth and don’t know how I can be away from them.

You indicate that you have joint custody. Have you entered into a written separation agreement, and does your divorce judgment or Separation Agreement address the issue of moving outside a particular area?
Generally, if you have a strong, ongoing relationship with your children, the courts would value that relationship and not allow a move to interfere. The courts will be looking for “the best interest of the children” and maintaining stability in their lives.

If you are living in the New York City metropolitan area, I strongly suggest that you call me at 212-370-1660 to arrange for a meeting for us to mediate this issue together.

Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions