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My husband is a Suffolk County police officer who has insurance coverage for my children from his job and me. If I get a legal separation, can I also stay on the medical insurance? I Want a divorce because he is an alcoholic and has been abusing me physically and mentally since we were married over four years. I live in constant fear of him. He makes a handsome salary but refuses to give me money to maintain the household or support the children. He has a girlfriend, with whom he spends all of his spare time and totally neglects the kids and me. I live in New York State. How much would I receive if I was to legally separate or divorce him, both as spousal support and child support?

If you are unable to work or must tend to the children because they are infants, the court will require your husband to provide you with spousal support. If you cannot afford health insurance for your children or for yourself, the court will require your husband to provide it, either through his employer or through some independent means. Also, he will be required to provide you with child support, and the court will most likely grant you the right you to remain with the children in the family residence The amount of your income, if any, and his will be examined by the court to determine the exact amount of spousal and child support he wil have to give you.

If there is a danger of physical abuse to you or the children, you should leave immediately and file an order of protection.

Leonard M.Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions