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Question #16

My ex-wife and I got divorced three months ago, the divorce took two months, because we did not have a lot of money; we went thru one lawyer. She committed adultery, and we went for cruel and inhumane. The house was in my name, and she signed over the house to me in our contract. Now I have fallen in love with someone, and she has moved in. Now my ex wants part of the house. The divorce judgment has been filed for three months, and now my girlfriend and I are putting money into the house to fix it. Can she change her mind after the divorce after it is final??

Your Ex-wife can change her mind anytime she likes; the question is whether
a court will listen to her. Has an Order of Divorce been signed by the judge
and filed and recorded in the county recorder’s office? If it has and if it incorporates the provision in your agreement assigning all rights to the house to you, it will be very difficult for your Ex to now change it unless she can show that the one lawyer you used really represented you, and she did not know what she was signing.

There is a lesson to be learned here!

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq.Divorce Solution