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Question #130

We are divorcing after 20 years. He is unemployed but looking. We have enough money, and he wants to buy me out of my portion of the house, Since he is unemployed, he won’t qualify for his financing. I don’t want to force him on the street. He wants me to leave everything as is and to file a quitclaim deed. My name is still on the mortgage. If he pays me off and I file quitclaim deed on our house, If he is late on a payment and begins to ruin my credit rating, can I still force him to sell or do anything legally that would get my name off the mortgage?

As long as you remain on the mortgage, you’ll be liable for the payments that are due
Even if you quitclaim your interest to your spouse, before transferring your interest in the property, you must arrange with the bank to be removed from the mortgage. He could theoretically take on a second mortgage, which would encumber the property even further and drain out any equity that remains in it.
Do not allow yourself to be exposed to this potential, financial threat that could possibly arise long after the divorce papers are filed.

I strongly suggest that you retain an experienced lawyer- mediator in this matter to help you both work out a solution that will protect your interests as well as provide you both with a solution to your problem.

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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions