Divorce Solutions

Oct 30, 2018

Question #142: I am not married, but we have been living together for close to 4 years and have a 2 year old child. Throughout this relationship I have suffered documented physical and mental abuse. I want to leave but, i only make 24K per year, after taxes that’s 1,600 per month. There is no way I would be able to pay rent (Lowest possible rent in upstate NY $550) Daycare ($680 per month/$170 per week) Utilities $200-300 per month. Online DSL $44.00 per month (I am in my 3rd semester of college fulltime on-line). He makes 100K per year will he have to help me at least pay for daycare? The only reason why i am still with him is because I want my child to have both parents around him, and live in a nice home. But I can not take it anymore.

You are entitled to child support for the child, and depending on your exact relationship, whether you held yourself out as a married couple, you may be entitled to some type of palimony as well. You should discuss your feelings with your partner and perhaps go to some form of counseling for the sake of […]

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