Divorce Solutions

Oct 30, 2018

Question #150:My boyfriend and I have separated after 2 1/2 years, We have a two year old daughter and I am the custodial parent. He claims that he is claiming our daughter in his taxes this year because he pays child support, but $65.00 a week does not put a roof over my daughters head. I am the head of my household, I work and provide shelter, food, clothes etc. for my child. As much of a good father he is to his daughter, I don’t believe he has a right to claim her. Does he have the right to claim our daughter in his taxes or do I as the main provider? Please answer ASAP! Thank you

Generally, the right to claim the child as a tax dependent is addressed in the Separation Agreement between the parties. Even if you were not married, it still is a good idea to enter into a Separation Agreement , which would spell out exactly the relationship and the obligations of each of the parties. In […]

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