Question #90: Hi, If I filed spouse separation with my wife(New York). 1)Will my wife still get the my spousal health benefits thru my employer? 2) How long is the duration of separation before I need to, if we can go back together or file for divorce? 3) If we get back together, will we need to remarry or any complicated procedure?

Until you file for divorce and a Judgment of Divorce is issued by the court and filed with the County Clerk,
You are both considered still married , even if you entered into a Separation Agreement.
Thus, even after you enter into a Separation Agreement, your spouse will still be able to be covered under your health insurance,
You can reconcile at any time, and you could file for divorce at any time.
If you decide to reconcile and have not filed for divorce, you are still legally married
And will just have to terminate or modify the Separation Agreement.

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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions