Question #9: Which counties do you practice in? What are your costs? Our marriage has been strained for a year or two now. I just found out, in a recent trip to Virginia where we have a joint bank account and safety deposit box, that in December of 1996, my wife opened the safety deposit box, took all the contents in the box, and then closed the box account. All without my knowledge, consent, or notice. In the box, there were lots of gold jewelry, gold coins, cash, redeemable bonds, deeds to lands and the deed to our townhouse, several gold rings and necklaces. All of these items were either given to me, or bought by me as she has never held a job. What should I do at this point? Could a lawsuit be filed in the above? Please advise. Thank you.

You did not mention which State you were presently living in or the State in which your spouse is living in. Generally, the State which will have jurisdiction over your divorce will be determined by your length of stay in such State, each State having its own particular requirements.
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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq. /Divorce Solutions