Question #7: My first marriage was bifurcated in 1991 (California). There are two properties that were to be sold. They are not selling at the prices quoted in the divorce judgment. In fact, neither property has any great value (10 acres in the Texas desert and a Palm Springs Time Share). I am in bad health, and would really like to get this divorce finalized. Is it possible to quit claim the deeds to her in order to get a final decree of divorce? Also, should I transfer all properties jointly held by my present wife and myself to her name only? I have been told that if I die, and since my divorce has not been finalized, that my ex-wife can claim my assets jointly held by myself and my present wife. I do not want this to happen! What do I do to protect myself, my children and my second wife? In the property settlement portion of the divorce proceedings, my ex-wife gets a portion of my military retirement. Since the divorce has not been finalized, can I possibly have the original document altered to specifically declare this as alimony? For tax purposes, this would be a godsend. I reside in Texas and my ex-wife lives in California. Can this be handled in absentia?

You do not need a mediator. You need a lawyer who is experienced in divorce matters in the court which has jurisdiction over your proceeding. Get yourself a lawyer! Do not waste time!
Leonard M. Weiner Esq./Divorce Solutions