Question #67: Here’s my situation: I got married in 1990 in Panama. The marriage was registered in the consulate there. In 1994 we moved to NY with our son. In 1996 we separated amicably but not legally and because my wife was still establishing her immigration status we left it at that. We shared custody of our son and I provided child support. Two years ago I moved to Mexico. Now… my (ex) wishes to marry her boyfriend and my girlfriend would be so much happier if I were no longer to be married. How can we get a divorce as quickly and easily as possible. I’m not a legal resident here so the Mexican divorce is out. What can we do? I can’t go back and forth from Mx to NY for court and I can’t stay there for a couple months either. HELP!

If your wife is still a resident of New York State, we can file the divorce in New York.

We can mediate all of the issues involved including child custody and child support and the divorce over the phone

and you will not have to make any appearances

in New York State. if you are interested in discussing the matter further, please have your wife call me at

212-370-1660 to arrange an appointment.

Leonard M.Weiner, Esq \Divorce Solutions