Question #43: Can you help us with our divorce?

In order to properly respond to your question, I need to know some additional information. Are either of you living in the State of New York and for how long? Do you have any children? How long have you been married? Have you sought family counseling?
If both you and your spouse are convinced that the relationship is finished and that you both want to separate, I cannot over emphasize the importance of mediating the separation and divorce in order to minimize the accompanying emotional trauma, especially if there are children involved.
During the course of the mediation I would help you arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement on each of the issues, such as spousal support, division of marital property, child support and custody (if any children are involved), etc., all of which is necessary to form a Separation Agreement and which would serve as the basis for the uncontested divorce which would follow the execution of the Separation Agreement.
Such a procedure under the direction of a trained attorney-mediator would minimize emotional impact on the family, would allow you both to remain in control of the process, retain your dignity and privacy during the course of the separation, would proceed much quicker than in the courts, and would save you much money.
Please contact me at 212-370-1660 to further discuss this matter in more detail and to arrange for all of us to meet at a mutually convenient time.
Sincerely yours,
Leonard Weiner, Esq. Ph.D.