Question #35: I had been a battered woman before the syndrome was defined. I would like to know if I can genuinely sue this ex-husband for all the damage he has done to me, my grown children, and grandchildren who are feeling the Wrath. We would like to recoup all the support the “Legal System” did not afford to my family (As Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse)? My life as well as my grown girls, with their children are still being victimized by this man. Is there any escape from the turmoil that this man , (my children’s’ father);my children are now raising their own children with feelings of all the anguish and pain (Very vivid in there minds), and yet still this man does not seem to care/consider what we (females (2) daughters and myself) have undergone due to his battering, domination, parasitic abnormalities he has bestowed upon our being which we still endure today. I am 51….the 1st born is 28…..the 2nd born is 27 and we lost the first son (not biologically his child, but we raised till I decided to leave due to my ex-husbands physical abuse). My son committed suicide by the time he was 26 years old. Speaking of his torment. When I went to Family Court for support, I was accused of revenge, I am not looking for revenge…I am looking for answers to questions so I can give my grown children something to give to their children (my grandchildren) who are seeking answers to….Can We Talk? Awaiting your response .

From your letter it appears that both you and your children have suffered much as a result of your ex-husband’s psychological and physical abuse which you need not and should not tolerate. Unfortunately, we at Divorce Solutions deal with exclusively divorce matters and are not qualified or equipped to deal with abuse cases. I strongly recommend that you seek professional counsel both psychological and legal to assist you and your children so that the suffering will cease. Try calling the local bar association in your area for assistance and guidance.
Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions