Divorce Solutions

Question #332:Hi Me and my husband met and moved in together 12 yrs ago. Five yrs ago we got married and 18 months ago we purchased a co-op. I should better say HE purchased it because he paid for almost everything and he didn’t put me in papers so I am not one of the owners. Lately our relation deteriorated considerably, he totally changed (since he got promoted at work) and I suspect he’s cheating. He’s barely home and he does not care anymore about me or the house. I maintain and take care of everything. Anyway, the divorce is on his lips all the time and although I don’t want it seems to be the only solution. Problem is, my income is extremely low (about 3-4 times lower than his) and I could not possibly support myself. The question is, what will happen to me in the case of divorce? Can he kick me out or I have a right to this apartment? He pays the maintenance and mortgage, I contribute with other expenses as much as my income allows. Thank you very much for your time.